This text is a part of The Human Dilemma Tree.

 The Importance Of Following Your Inner Feeling Of Guidance

Only you can answer your deepest question.

“I choose to follow the feeling within my heart above all else.”

You already contain everything you seek and are the only person who can ultimately answer your deepest questions. Do not let any external moral-construct define your boundaries. Do not try to be anyone or anything other than yourself. There is nothing to prove and the approval of no person — except yourself — can free you.

Every person is a teacher of what they are and best teaches what they incarnated to learn. If you write a book, then write the book that you have always wanted to read. Write it so you can read it. Birth into reality what you have always wanted to be there. Take responsibility for your desires — when they are not coming from fear they are a powerful part of the guidance from which you create your reality.

Following someone else whose answer feels close to your own may well take you far; however, following them can never bring you to what you most personally seek. This is because the feeling that every fiber of your being yearns for cannot be found within the static nature of knowledge or completely arrived at like a fixed destination.

There are many incredible shades of light that you can bask in, but the only hue you can completely stand in is your own. What you seek is the experience that arises when you learn to fearlessly follow the feeling of guidance which flows through your heart. While you are following someone else — no matter how wise they may be — you cannot be completely following the guidance of your feeling because no person can follow two compasses at the same time.

To be told a wise observation that personally touches you is like receiving the gift of a delicious meal when hungry. To learn to follow your inner guidance is to learn to draw sustenance from the eternally abundant river of potential that is life. Upon doing this, you will not only discover the ease of abundance, you will directly experience that the guidance of your feelings flows from the state of unified knowing that our wider state of consciousness possesses. When stood in that knowing, you will realize that the light and joy you feel within is the level of shared eternal-consciousness that shines from within all.

You are the light that you seek. The time you seek is now. It is time to awaken your potential to be and live All That You Are. Awaken and live the dreams that birth from the feeling within your heart.

The feeling of what you resonate with draws you forward and acts as a guiding light in your life. This is not guidance from your spirit being sent to you; it is you guiding yourself by directly tapping into the feeling of your spirit and using it to determine what you resonate with. Because all within spirit perceive themselves to be harmoniously connected, this feeling of guidance flows from a unified place.

This means that if every person followed the guidance that arises through the feeling of their spirit, then the harmony of spirit would be collectively experienced (because our spiritual guidance — when felt clearly — cannot conflict). And yet, this guidance is not felt to be coming from a shared place; instead, it is intimately felt to be your own uniquely personal desire for clarity and awareness.

To allow your feeling of resonance to engulf you — such that there is no room for doubt or fear — is to unify with your spirit. In this state you are open to the experience of freedom through the infinite-potential of creation (which is to be constrained only by your imagination). To focus on living within experiences you resonate with is to focus on your freedom to be. This is to focus on creating your personal dreams of what can be — your hopes for the future, which arise in response to the unconditional love and allowance of your spirit meeting the divisiveness and separation of the human experience.

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