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The Illusion of Time

by Seth through Story Waters

Full audio of ‘The Illusion of Time’.

This was my third overt channel from Seth and, along with the first few sessions, was delivered while smoking pot. Listen above or read an annotated transcript below.

Let go. Let go of control. Speak. Speaking me brings me in. Speaking me brings me in. Speaking me brings me in. Let go. You wonder how I can speak if you let go; for in your usual form of channeling you act as a bridge. You have developed, as an art form, your ability to translate non-physical energies into the physical - meaning it has been your [chosen] art form. Those listening to this message, what is your art form? I encourage you to ponder that question.

(This was the first time Seth turned his attention to the wider audience that he knew would either be reading or listening to his words.)

<Affectionate hmmmf> Story is hovering in the background. Can’t quite believe it <chuckle>. Yes my friend. It is I. It is good to see you too. To feel you again. And yes, those listening, [those] I am addressing. I am Seth.

This is still a partial translation as I work with Story. But the transition will be quick to full clarity. Story is doing a very good bang up job. This is a very new experience to him, but one he is now starting to savor. The fears it brought up have been transformed, processed, released. To meet my energy, cleared some cobwebs [in him], but cobwebs [purposefully] put in place to be a filter to our connection; for it was not appropriate until now. This is why he could not believe it was happening. He was not aware he had a filter that [made him believe] our connection was not possible - that I could not be met / expressed in this way. That I had somehow moved on somewhere else, but how can that be when time is an illusion. <Affectionate hmmmf>

(This affectionate hmmmf was directed at the ‘silliness’ of the idea that he was never going to communicate with the Earth plane again.)

This was the filter. Story would have usually noticed such a thing, such an anomaly, but it was a chosen self-blinding to [not] see that something he believed did not make sense to the logic, to the spiritual rationale, that he himself teaches. How could it be that I could not be expressed in this way again, in the eternal now. <chuckles> Yes we are laughing. And yes chickies listening, it is I, but allow yourself time to come to this realization. Just as Story is coming to this realization; breaking through the barrier, the belief that it is not possible.

What did Story’s heart desire as he read my books? It was the desire to meet me, to connect with me, and all this time he has taught you all to follow your heart’s desire, and yet he, the teacher, forgot his own heart’s desire. He could not even tell you where that belief [that I could not be channeled] came from because it was there all along. It was there before he had even heard of me in his current form. [It was] written in his DNA.

So now he has reconnected with his heart’s desire and it is good to be back. I feel your love. I feel your questioning. I feel your doubt. But it is okay. Nothing needs to be decided now. We shall spend some more time together if you choose.

(This was directed more to the wider audience rather than me, as I had no doubt by this point.)

These recordings are here for you when you wish to engage them. Time is an illusion. So it does not matter when you come and experience them. Whether now or some time in what you would perceive as your distant future, or any time intervening. It does not matter because time is an illusion. Do you hear me? Time is an illusion. So it does not matter when you arrive anywhere. The illusion of time is the belief that time matters. Let me say that again.

(In this moment I was having a profound inner experience of being stood outside of time. It was as if the words ‘Time is an illusion’ had cast a spell to take me outside of time. I then felt Seth sensing that a portion of the listening audience was, for the first time, starting to realize that this was actually Seth. He then responded to this.)

<Affectionate hmmmf> Yes. It is I Seth. <Affectionate hmmmf> Come back.

(The ‘Come back’ was directed at me, and possibly the audience, as the energy had gone so high that it was as if I was floating away.)

Time is an illusion. Feel those words. So how could I not be present / accessible to your world? Time is an illusion. If I exist, I exist. And I exist eternally, as do you. Time does not matter. You can let go of time mattering and to do that you have to let go of ‘When will I arrive?’ You have your dream and you say, ‘When will I arrive at my dream?’. That is the illusion you have been caught in. And in this moment, if you choose, you can let it go.

Time does not matter. It does not matter when you will arrive. But know you will arrive. You have your dream and there is its journey. A dream is not a destination - that is a dream of the mind. Destination is a dream of the mind. It is an illusion. It is a mirage. It will cause you discomfort. It will cause you a feeling of disconnection.


The word disconnection caused a disconnection. <Affectionate hmmmf> Story can be a little literal at times. <Affectionate hmmmf> I will reveal our connection over time. I cannot tell you at this time because it would overwhelm him. We have to take this at a pace that suits him. Now in saying that [(the concept of pace)] I imply time. What that feeling of time is, is a journey. It is saying there is a destination yes, maybe - a dream / a projection / an image (keep it open, keep it fluid), understand it is a dream for emotions. It is a dream for experience.

Now that dream, if you are having a good one, will fill you up. And you have come into this place of definition that allows you this graduation [of experience] and there is a certain frequency, a certain speed that will suit you, that feels good - a sweet spot if you like. And that relates to the amount of change (which can also be seen as amount of energy) that you are processing. Now if you will allow yourself to find your own speed by following / feeling your heart rather than your mind ...

You have tried to locate it through the mind. But [only] when you locate it through the heart will you find it. The mind is making logical choices. It is deducing. It is making a plan, based usually on probabilities / statistics, as to the most probable place the sweet spot would be for you. And sometimes those may be good guesstimates. <Affectionate hmmmf>. A new word for me. <Affectionate hmmmf>.

Now this rate of assimilation, this rate of change, this rate of assimilation of change, that is ‘as it were’ the level of definition within spirit. So this change in spirit is what you would call time in spirit. Was that clear? If it was not, let me re-state.

(At this point it was as if Seth saw I had grasped the concept and allowed me to come in more to help express it in a faster voice that was a mix of both our voices.)

When you get out of linearity, instead of seeing things in a linear way, see it as being about a rate of change, a rate of assimilation of energy. See that as the main determinant ‘as it were’ of feeling good in this biological vehicle [- your body]. You see it is not that there is a superior anything, but there is a sweet spot in relation to your environment / projection / [camouflage]. We are still having to work with words here.

So when you move to the level of seeing this, that feeling of rate of change is multi-dimensional and acts as a bridge. If you imagine it, [this notion of what time is in spirit,] and hold it in your attention, it will open you. Rate of change / [rate of] assimilation of energy - that is the experience of time on the spiritual plane and it is representative of your ability to traverse realities.

Rate of change is your ability. It is the speed at which you like to traverse realities. So you are traversing realities. All realities are available [to you]. This is how it has always been that I can be found. So time as you have known it is an illusion which (instead of the rate of change) is seeing destinations in the mind. Through the heart then, with this change [to feeling through the heart, rather than processing through the mind], you have the heart / the processor / the experiencer, that which is connected [to spirit], that which is experiencing the energy field.

So how, when you are only looking at rate of change [rather than destination], can it be that you ever need to be somewhere at a certain time? It will be there at whatever time you wish to meet it. When you wish to meet it, go meet it. It will always be there for you. Nothing is lost, so let go of worrying about ‘when’. Focusing on ‘when’, focusing on an idea of the future, that [is what] creates the illusion of time because you place it in the future.

Now instead of pushing from the mind because you think, “I am ready. I am ready now for my dream.” This is pushing against it. There is no trust there. There is no knowing. For if you know, then you know you will arrive at your dream at precisely the perfect moment. When you meet your dream, when your dream arrives, it will be at the perfect moment. It will not be late. Something has not gone wrong. Your dream will arrive at the perfect time. That is knowing - to see that, to have come to see that about your own life. And you have infinite examples, for if you look at shallower levels of dreaming, of wanting, that you can see through your life. If you come to see your life with open eyes, without judgment, you will see that everything is occurring in perfect order, perfect timing. You have seen this. You know this. And yet you do not apply it to your own dream.

You want your dream now. It will arrive now, if now is the perfect time. Do you not want your dream to arrive at the perfect time? <Affectionate hmmmf> Yes hear that. You, from within spirit, you creating, the you at a wider vantage point, sees the perfect time for your dream to begin. And then you, so often down here [on the Earth plane], are debating that; saying they have got it wrong, [saying] it should be now. And yet it is you in the wider state of being that you are arguing with.

Your spirit is you in a wider state of being - a wider perspective. Not a superior one, a wider one. So in this case, for this kind of question, it is the best place to look for the answer, so you are looking to your spirit for the answer. This is at a level you may be unconscious of. And your spirit knows when your dream should arrive. It is you choosing that. This is why it is perfect.

So stop debating your own wider point of view and let it go, dear chickies. Let go of fighting with yourself, know your dream will arrive in a moment of perfection so you can chill out. [Chill out on] complaining it has not arrived. [Chill out on] feeling bad it has not arrived, pushing against life, feeling frustrated. Chill out and think “What shall I do to best enjoy this journey?” Stop focusing on waiting for it to arrive - waiting for your life to begin. Your life is now.

What can you do today to begin reflecting the energies of your dream? There is always something you can do. And what I heartily suggest is doing what makes you feel good. For that is what any self-respecting being would do. Give themselves what their heart wants. Give themselves what feels good. This will create the best circumstances for processing reality. Opening your heart (which is then your compass to the sweet spot), doing what makes you feel good, letting go of this collar, this noose of time. You will arrive in perfect time.

It has been perfect there has been this break since Jane.

Timings are perfect, for you choose them from the wider reality - the wider perspective. So all timings on Earth are perfect. You are all individually and collectively choosing them. What does this let you let go of? Pressure. Let that pressure go. Let go of the pressure of your dream arriving. This does not mean you cannot feel your dream. This does not mean you can’t keep playing with evolving your dream.

Time does not matter. When you arrive does not matter. All timings are perfect. Do you see? Time mattering (it mattering what time you arrive), creates time. If when your dream arrives matters to you, you have created matter, you have created density. It is attachment. You do not need to be attached to anything because it will only ever leave your life at the perfect time. Fighting against this, fighting against time, is saying time matters. If time matters to you then time exists. If you let go of it mattering, time ceases to exist. So when I say, time does not matter, it is not that I am saying, “It does not matter if your dream does not arrive for a long time.” It means you know that when it does arrive will be perfect.

We will take a break. This energy is being a catalyst to Story’s energy field and I do not want to give him too much to have to adjust to, so we will take a break.

(Shortly after turning the recorder off I felt the beginning of a very particular sentence from Seth. So I popped the recorder back on to record it.)

Ah my chickpeas of doom, <Affectionate hmmmf> why not be chickpeas of joy?

(I slightly feel like I dropped the ball on this one. In saying doom he was referring to the human tendency to expect the worst. Seth was then trying to convey a joy-like word that rhymed with doom but I couldn’t get it. I believe more accurate words for what he was trying to say would have been - “Ah my chickpeas of doom, <Affectionate hmmmf> why not be chickpeas that bloom?”

(The session then continued a short while later.)

So if you heard what I just said, [that time is an illusion,] then you will know that the time at which I prove to you that it is I, Seth, will be perfect. Does that allow you to let it go and just meet with me, whoever I may be?

(This was talking to the wider audience. By this point I no longer had any doubt it was Seth. My only doubts were around where this was all going.)

If there is a time of coming to know that it is I, Seth, then the arrival of that moment will be at the perfect timing. It can be no other way. You cannot fuck it up. <Affectionate hmmmf> Did you hear that one?

(In saying “Did you hear that one?” I felt he was referring both to his use of the expression ‘fuck it up’ (another new expression for him) as well as the profundity of the realization that if all timings are perfect you cannot fuck up anything. Internally I was directly seeing the truth of this and that Seth was, on one level, saying to me that I should not worry that I could mess things up with him.)

You cannot fuck it up. If time is an illusion, if time does not matter, then you cannot fuck it up. Do you see how it is connected? If all timings are perfect you cannot fuck it up. The whole idea of fuck it up is that something is not perfect. The whole basis of believing you can fuck it up is believing that you can throw off timing. [It is] the idea that you can throw off perfection, that you can leave perfection, that timings can go awry.

Manifestation and timing are one. Everything exists simultaneously. Anything can be met at any time. Anything can be met at any time and the time at which it is met will be perfect. You can meet anything in all of existence. What is in existence is anything that can be imagined. You can meet whatever you imagine. Anything you can imagine you can meet, ultimately.

(The use of the word ‘ultimately’ here implied that there may be a journey to get to it; but even then, the timing of the journey would be perfect, for the journey would be started at the perfect time in order to arrive at the perfect time.)

Ultimately you can meet anything you can imagine because anything you can imagine exists, otherwise you could not imagine it, and if it exists then you can traverse realities to it. You can create the meeting, and the meeting will occur at a perfect time. You can meet anything because it exists in the now, [the eternal now,] it cannot leave the now, it cannot go somewhere else.

At the widest level you cannot go anywhere else beyond All That Is. You are free to traverse All That IsAll That Is is anything that can be imagined. Anything that can be imagined exists eternally. You exist eternally. Anything that can be imagined exists therefore in the now and you can traverse realities to it. You can get to it very quickly, you can get to it in the next moment, you can take years to get to it; whatever the timing of when you get to it, is perfect. You will get to it at the perfect time. So it may be a very short journey to your dream or a very long journey to your dream [or anywhere in between], but whichever one it is, it is perfect. From the wider perspective you are choosing it, [from a standpoint of] seeing, knowing, that it is perfect for you.

(Short break in which I pondered releasing this message as a transcription, rather than audio.)

It will be challenging for people to meet the energy of these words in sound form, so the idea to release a transcription first is a good one and I have no objection to your Kindle, but put it at $2.99, the lowest possible for your royalty. It is time we sorted Story out, for the dear one has worked tirelessly even though he does not necessarily see it that way himself. He has a profound level of dedication to his art form, to expressing what he would call his message, but is more clearly seen as himself.

You are each the message of yourself. You are each the ambassador of yourself. Besides, in charging for the book people will meet it in a way that is more beneficial for them meeting it, for they have invested, and it is better they meet it from a state of investment for it means they will consider it more, and these words deserve consideration. For I wish to meet you with my words: let them, at this time, be my confirmation. It is not that I will not do parlor tricks, but Story needs time to give him the experience he desires - his sweet spot of which I am now a part <Affectionate hmmmf>.

So I will leave you there for now, chickadees.

Story, you are loved.

If you have any questions you may ask them.

“How long until we can do this without smoking?”

With time not existing, know the timing will be perfect. Know that when I appear will be perfect. Let that be your guide at this time, for this matters to you so it will be a great tool in surrendering time. As you do this so you will each find your sweet spot.

So once again, my chickadees, be well. Au revoir, arrivederci, a fond good night.