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 The Earth Is An Illusion — But So Is Everything.

You are consciousness in human form.

To be born into this reality is to enter a wonderful illusion. This illusion grants us individualized free will and our personal reality. To realize you are within an illusion makes this reality (and being alive) no less real, and no less special, because ALL realities are different forms of illusion.Consciousness that is not focused in physical-form is unified. It is only within the illusion of individuality that consciousness experiences the separation of self and other. To us, the experience of self and other is just how it is.

We rarely consider that reality could be experienced in different ways. From the perspective of unembodied consciousness, what we experience here is wholly unique and profound. This kind of physical-temporal reality is a revolution in beingness. Embodiment is a treasure that consciousness gives to itself. The illusion of physical-matter occupying space within a linear time-stream is one of the most amazing creations / experiences in existence.

Within the realization of the infinite nature of your eternal-consciousness is the remembering of how uniquely special this kind of reality is. This is to see, without judgment, the beauty of what surrounds you and know that it is your eternal nature that created it. To awaken is to lose touch with what it is to believe in ideas such as original sin and the notion that we are in some way fallen.

The core mechanism of the illusion is simply that it allows the illusion of separation. This allows the one eternal-consciousness to experience being many selves. At the early stages of this reality we knew what we were (infinite-consciousness) and where we were (in an illusion that granted us our individualized free-will); however, even though we had our individuality, we only experienced it in a comparatively shallow way. So, even though we experienced self and other, we maintained an awareness of our unity.

Through our desire to explore individuality we chose to enter a collective forgetting of our infinite nature. Only by forgetting that we were eternal-consciousness could we fully identify with our individuality and experience ourselves as separate and distinct. In this forgetting we birthed the ability to be able to look at each other and no longer know that we were looking at our own consciousness (within different forms).

The illusion of our individualized reality can be imagined as playing all the hands in a card game. If you sit in each chair in turn around a card table (playing each player’s hand), then you would know what cards each player has and there would be little enjoyment. If however each chair only carried the memory of its own hand of cards, then it would be as if you were playing against different people.

Our space-time reality is just such a game and each of our bodies is like a chair in the card game that the one eternal-consciousness occupies.

When we incarnate, we choose to limit our experience to that of our body; this is to embody and take on individuality. By experiencing a limited aspect of our eternal-consciousness, we are each having new and exciting experiences of being.

Separation and limitation are not a “bad” thing. They are the foundation of all that this reality offers us (namely, the infinite exploration of new expressions / experiences of being). Through separation we have birthed diversity within unity. We are eternal-consciousness (God) playing one of the most incredible games ever conceived.

When you die it is not that your individuality is destroyed. What you are, everything you have been, is carried forward with you. Even though you may not remember other lives, they are present within you, enriching you. Your individuality is yours. It is a badge of honor and no matter how completely you remember that you are eternal-consciousness, you will never lose your connection to your individuality. You cannot lose what you have been because it is integral to who and what you are.

The original entry into the game of life (the illusion), where the knowledge of our infinite-self was forgotten, could be seen as the leaving of the Garden of Eden — the leaving of the state of unity / connectedness. The significant difference to the story is that we (as individualized expressions of eternal-consciousness), were not cast out. We willingly chose to experience this temporary separation from our eternal nature.

All separation can only ever be temporary because, given infinite time, everything always returns to itself — within that which is unified, all journeys are circular.

The concept of eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the representation of entering duality — with duality being the splitting of the unity into opposites beyond self and other, such as: male-female, strong-weak, beautiful-ugly, intelligent-stupid, past-future, and love-fear. Duality is the foundation of our particular illusion. Everything in our reality is experienced in relation to everything else — thereby making all experience relative. Up is nothing without the realization of down; the idea of male energy means nothing without female energy to contrast it.

To divide something in two you must mentally name both sides. Our perception is founded on the dualistic-scales that this naming creates / defines. These polarities are all symbolic divisions that form both our personal and collective illusion. They are how we differentiate our experience (choose to separate one thing from another) and create our personal experience of self and reality.

The general state of belief that we currently birth into reflects ideas such as: we are ungodly, we are separate, we are mortal, we are purely physical, and our will is limited. At first glance this may not look great, but having explored some profound extremes of separation, we are now on the journey to returning to remember our infinite and eternal nature.

It is hard from within the illusion to understand just how unique and wonderful the human experience is. We are consciousness experiencing a state of being that is not only totally new, but from which new states of being are continually birthing. All realities are in a state of unfolding and this reality is made literal through an explosion within the realization of the potential of being expressed outwardly through a time-space reality. This explosion is reflected in the acceleration we are experiencing in the advancement of our technology. To some it may seem that new technology is a move away from spirituality, but this is perceiving spirituality from a historic, religious perspective that sees physicality as being profane.

Spirituality and technology are not separate; they are simply different faces of our nature. The new technology is the physical manifestation of our unfolding realization of the freedom of our being. Our blossoming communication systems reflect the growing realization of our unity. Technology is a spiritual unfolding.

As we start to connect back into our unified and infinite nature, we are coming to embody the freedom, harmony, and limitlessness of the unity whilst within the illusion. This is a reflection of the idea of the creation of heaven on earth. The heaven, the nirvana, which we as explorers of beingseek, is not the bliss of the unity. We chose to temporarily leave the experience of eternal-consciousness and we are not seeking to undo that choice.

We wish to return by going forward, not backward. The joy we seek is the remembering of our infinite and eternal natures while we are embodied within this exciting illusion. This is to start to remember what we forgot in order to experience mortality. Even though many people are starting to remember their eternal nature, there is no mission for us to remember. We are not here on a mission to do anything. There is no way in which it is possible to fail or do badly in this life from the perspective of our eternal-consciousness. Your life is not some kind of test that you can fail. We are here to be — to be in an unfolding experience of a personal self.

Awakening is not something that occurs at a particular point in time (many people focused on 2012 for example). It takes place within us each personally whenever we are ready to remember our eternal nature. To awaken is to remember and there is no mission or challenge to do it. It is happening. It is inevitable. We have already chosen it and it will happen in each of us when we are ready. So just sit back and enjoy experiencing your beingness. Enjoy the ride that is your life.

In being human you are a part of something that is wonderful and profound because of the depths of separation / individuality we have explored. You are not here by chance. You are here because you have, across many lives, been a part of creating all this. You are not here to observe the wonderment.

You are the wonderment. The experience is direct.

Allow yourself to experience how remarkable you are.

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