This text is a part of The Human Dilemma Tree and explores the power of allowing your natural awakening instead of trying to make it happen.

Stop Trying To Awaken To Meet Your Awakened Self.

To awaken is to fully meet yourself AS YOU ARE.

It is only when you let go of the belief you are separate from the state of awakening that you can discover it, here, Now, in your present, in your reality, in your being, in your feelings, in your isness.

Many people tend to see spiritual awakening as a challenge, goal or spiritual destination — something to be achieved or accomplished. But this is a belief that you are not awake — that you must somehow become awake. And, within this, is a belief that when you awaken something will happen and somehow everything will change.

This is also expressed in how we tend to see awakening as “the state of enlightenment” which paints it as a Nirvana or Heaven — something very different from what currently is (the Now moment). These beliefs about what awakening is are a mindset. They are “of the mind”. But, awakening is not a state of mind. It is a state of freedom / a state of consciousness.

One advantage of seeing awakening this way is how it creates a sense of purpose — the sense of a goal or mission, a defined focus for your life. It is a map — a map along which your progress can be charted thereby giving a sense of progression.

There is nothing wrong with seeing awakening as something to aspire to, as it creates a meaningful stepping stone on the spiritual path. It is a mindset that can create a motion — a flow — that creates a powerful journey through the release of fear, to become more present, and to connect with your spirit.

It is, however, only a stepping stone. And once your fears are released and you are consciously connecting with your spirit, it is a mindset that then needs to be released if you wish to step into the level of freedom that is not constrained by ideas of needing to get somewhere other than where you already are. To go further into your freedom is to release this idea of becoming something more. It is to realize that…

Whatever you have conceived of as “being awake” is what you already are. You just need to open your heart and mind to see yourself clearly (which is to say — without fear).

Awakening is not to change what you are — because you are already awake. But equally being awakened is not about “not changing”. Awakening embraces falling into a never-ending change of perspective that has the power to change everything. It is to open the inner-eye and see that you are already in whatever Heaven or Nirvana that you have previously mentally perceived “being awake” to be.

Everything is available to you in the timeless / eternal Now moment. The distance between you and “being awake” is a mirage. There is no distance except in our minds.

If we are all awake, what is the difference between a person who knows it and someone who doesn’t? The answer is their experience — their experience of the world and themselves, their place within the world, their place within spirit. If the opposite of being awake is being asleep then that is referring to being conscious of what you are. Conscious of your Self. Who you are. What you are doing. Why you are making the choices you are. Why you are feeling what you are feeling. This is consciousness / self-awareness. This is how you realize you are already awake, you already have what you seek.

We are all creators. We are all creators of our reality. We are all divine. In this way we are all awake. You do not need to be conscious that you are the creator of your reality to be the creator of your reality. Awakening is not about becoming “a creator being” because you already are.

Those who are asleep to the fact they are creators are not “not awake”. They have chosen — from a state of wakefulness — to not be fully aware of themselves as the creators of their reality. This is done because of a desire to have the human, mortal, individuated experience.

So you can aspire to be “more mentally conscious” of who you are, but this does not change who you are, grant you additional powers, or make your superior to not being mentally conscious. It is simply to choose to alter your relationship with the awakened one within you and thereby alter your experience of the reality you have chosen to currently exist within.

Do you know that you create your reality? Is that an idea, or do you feel it? Do you live it? When you experience your reality, what lens are you looking through? Is it a lens of “why is this happening to me? Why are external things hurting or limiting me?” Or do you view your reality through a conscious awareness that you are creating it? And, even if events occur that you cannot understand, are you willing to look at them through the knowing that you are the one creating them.

This is to release the perception of separation and allow yourself to be present. And that is to be responsible for all that you experience. When you let go of being awake as some ideal destination within consciousness, what it then becomes is the journey of “know thyself” because you are awake. This is the paradox.

You are already awake, so if you want to better know you are already awake then don’t seek some spiritual goal; seek to better know yourself as you are.

And, in this endeavor, you can only see yourself clearly when you let go of trying to become something else (because that is to see yourself as less than). So let go of trying to become awake in order to see yourself clearly. See yourself clearly to consciously know the awakened state. This is because awakening is to see what is — what already is. It is a state of perception that does not require you to change, but it does require you to stop trying to change what you are from a standpoint of trying to be “better” than what you are. “Better” is a mental illusion that represent a denial of your inherent perfection / wakefulness.

Stop trying to awaken to meet your awakened self. To be awakened as to what you are is to be free. And that is to see without judgment, without control. It is to see without beliefs in your own limitation, and that is to see what already is. And when you can come to see yourself without judgement, you will know that you are awake, that you are creation, that you are love, that you are freedom.

To awaken is to not be afraid to know yourself as you are.

And so, if you must define a journey, then let that journey be the journey into knowing yourself, because you are All That Is, and to know yourself Here and Now is to know the infinite beingness that you are. To know yourself is to love yourself because to know yourself is to see the divine.

Many believe that to awaken is to see beyond this life, and indeed that is a part of the journey, but there is nothing outside of this life that you must experience in order to know yourself in this life. There is nothing external you must attain, or know, or believe, or feel, in order to become conscious of who you are. You are infinite spirit in a temporary human form that you have chosen with infinite wisdom.

To be conscious of who you are does not mean to never feel fear, never feel anger, never feel irritated, or even limited. It is to know that when you are experiencing these qualities of life that you are God — you are creation — choosing to experience these things.

Whatever you experience you can experience it with wakefulness, with consciousness, with understanding of how it is flowing through you. For example, you will still feel anger but you will understand why you are feeling it. This is to look inside yourself to find a hurt / a wound, and know that that is where the anger is flowing from, that is what the anger is seeking to protect. That is awake. Because it is to see yourself clearly instead of projecting your pain outwards and blaming the world — instead of blaming others as being the cause of your anger or problems.

To blame external forces and conditions for your state of being is to not see you are the creator of your reality.

As you understand, as your realize, as you see how your life is a reflection of you — which is to know yourself — then you are present. Present in your life. You are not separate from your reality or your experience because you see how you are present in all that you experience because you are the creator of that experience.

To know you are already awake is to become aware and conscious you are the creator of your own experience. It is to see / know that reality is reflecting you, no matter what it shows you. It is to be open to that possibility. It is to meet the possibility inside of yourself. So, instead of fighting reality, embrace it as the message — the teacher — that it is. Your reality is a teacher you created to teach you. To know you are awake is to see the mirror of reality and that is to know that you are not caged within it. You are the creator of it.

This is to understand that reality is a mirror and not let your fears of seeing yourself stop you from directly experiencing it as mirror.

You are awake. You are waking up now. You have always been awake. You will always be awake. No matter what you do you will continue to awaken. You are awakening forever. You are awakening through time. You are awakening through beingness. It is to see through the linearity, to see through linear time to the Eternal Now, the present. The isness where all experience occurs.

So now as you return to your life. Know that there is nothing external that defines your wakefulness. It is you. It is your choice.

You are awake.

You are awakening.

Cease trying to become and be.

Be the freedom that you are here, Now, this moment, this day. In all situations bring your wakefulness. Meet the world as a reflection of yourself and you will meet the creator — the infinite — the freedom that you are.


This article has been adapted from one of my Freedom Exercises - a five stage journey into freedom consciousness - 1) Release, 2) Trust, 3) Open, 4) Receive 5) Awaken. Listen to an introduction here.

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