The Gnostic Writer Articles Volume 1

Listen to me read twelve of my most popular metaphysical articles on this $11 mp3 album that is available from my GumRoad or Bandcamp store.

  • Embrace Your Ever-Changing Self. (15mins)

  • The Law of Attraction and The Mastery of Feeling. (49mins)

  • Challenge Reality With The Love In Your Heart. (4mins)

  • You Will Know You Are Enlightened When... (7mins)

  • The Abundance of Feeling. Parts 1 to 3 (45mins)

  • We Are Spirit Taking "The Human Pill". (26mins)

  • You Are The Motivation And The Choice. (14mins)

  • The Neverending Story. How Everything Is Circular And Eternal. (19mins)

  • Are We Predetermined Or Free? (7mins)

  • Chill Out - Spiritual Awakening Is Inevitable. (13mins)

    Total Runtime: 200 minutes.

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