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What Is Channeling?

Related Recordings:

If you are interesting in developing your intuition and/or channeling ability then I recommend checking out the following recordings:

  • The Courage to Channel - This is a three part recording where I go into detail about my understanding of what channeling is ($11 / 3+hours).

  • Seth on Inner Senses - This 15 session course one of the most powerful teachings available for anyone wanting to open up a powerful flow in what is usually experienced as a divide between inner and outer. It's time to experience more magic in your life! ($60 / 15hours).

  • The Channeling Masterclass - recommended for anyone interested in having more powerful experiences whilst listening to channels or for anyone wishing to learn to channel themselves. ($40 / 6+hours)

  • Practical Channeling & Intuition - Includes four live broadcasts and twenty 20 minute exercise mp3s all geared to activating your natural intuitive/channeling ability. ($33 / 12+hours)

  • Practical Channeling & Intuition Amplification Course - Delivered over seven broadcast this is an advanced follow-up course to Practical Channeling & Intuition. ($55 / 11+hours)

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