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Mp3 Amplification of Text 7 from
”A Framework for Everything”

Knowing Guidance

Using my gnostic process I spontaneously expand upon Text 7 - Knowing Guidance as I read it from my book A Framework for Everything”. Although it is not necessary, you may get more from this mp3 by reading the first six texts of the book before listening.

DESCRIPTION: After establishing the idea of reality as a mirror, this recording offers a deeper understanding about your inner senses / inner guidance through which you communicate with your spirit. Learning to live through your inner senses is the most direct path to joy, abundance, and awakening.

If you enjoyed listening please check out the book (which can be read on this website for free) and the further mp3 audio amplifications:

  • Texts 1+2+3 - Purchase Here - (131mins / $15)

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    Further mp3 amplifications coming soon.

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