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 Face Your Fears To Discover Your Greatest Gifts.

How We Use Fear To Shape Our Mortal Experience.

“See your fears clearly to see your self clearly.”

To be human is to transform the self through fear. Fear is a cage that limits us — but it is not a mistake. We are each eternal-consciousness in physical form and we use fear to focus our individuality.

To experience being human is a choice. We resist this idea because we logically believe that, if we had a choice, we would choose a life of constant bliss — but that is not what it is to be human. If you only wanted to experience joy, you would not have chosen this life because human life is meant to be a mix of both joy and fear. To be embodied is to be an individuated consciousness. This is to forget you are infinite while you pretend to be finite.

The physicality of our body creates the experience of individuality. This is not only achieved through the limiting nature of physicality itself but through how we identify what we are with our physical body instead of our eternal-consciousness.

To be in physical form is to experience a level of duality and fear that is created when we make the eternal part of ourselves unconscious. This is the process of becoming mortal (which is to temporarily enter the illusion of mortality). Physical individuality is when immortal consciousness stops knowing itself as a state of eternal, non-physical consciousness and instead convinces itself it is a mortal creature whose consciousness will be extinguished when its physical body dies.

Physicality is the outward tool we use to limit ourselves. Fear is the inward tool we use to focus our sense of self.

It is time to face your fears.

Fear is a cage we have used to limit ourselves and focus our individuality. As you face each of your fears, you will go through a continual process of freeing yourself from the mental cages they create. These are cages you previously could not name, but have always felt. Fears are cages within cages, mazes within mazes, and must be faced to experience the infinite nature of your spirit.

Do not be concerned that as you exit one cage, you will probably find yourself within another. The cages of fear we experience in this life are not a hardship to be eradicated to “get to the good bit.” They are a powerful focusing tool used by our consciousness to shape our experience of self.

You purposefully created all the challenges in your life because you wanted to experience them and be changed through that experience.

This is a horrifying and offensive statement to someone who believes themselves to be a victim of their physical circumstances, but this is nothing to do with assigning fault or victim blaming. I do not mean to offend, but everything in me that I am (despite my own experiences of suffering) tells me that we are not victims of this experience — we are the creators of it.

This is my knowing. This is my experience of gnosis that I share. In this I speak from my own transformation from how I used to experience myself as a victim of bullying in my youth (as well as a victim of a school teacher who groomed me when I was eleven). I therefore say, “I am not a victim” and my writing is the result of my journey into consciousness from that standpoint — from the understanding that I am the creator of my reality and not a victim of it.

I share my ideas so that others, if they resonate, may come to shed the fears that may tell them they are a victim. This is not a denial of pain. It is quite the opposite. I write about what I discovered when I faced, owned, and transformed the pain within me.

I first read the words YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY through Seth expressed by Jane Roberts. These words were the biggest gift I ever received because they told me I was not a victim. I have spent my life ever since on an incredible journey into consciousness to better understand what these profound yet simple four words mean — you create your reality.

The heart of awakening to our wider nature is the realization that, in being eternal-consciousness, we are the creators of our experience. For each fear you face and overcome you will reap rewards. With each shackle released you will become evermore fulfilled through better meeting the infinite potential within you. Celebrate each fear you resolve rather than ploughing into the next challenge before you have rested or appreciated your success.

The rewards of this life are not forced upon you — you must pause and focus on them to experience their gifts. To focus with this intention is an act of love for yourself. Do not become discouraged by the number of cages you must free yourself from or the weight of the burdens you have yet to put down. To do so is to focus on the mental idea of a future destination instead of embracing the journey in the present moment.

Learning to enjoy the journey is essential for a sustained experience of happiness.

The more you love your life, the faster its magic will unfold. As you learn to move with the changes resolving fear brings, you will lower your resistance to change such that life can flow. You are here to enjoy this experience — not suffer through it — but that does not mean there won’t be challenges.

We want to be challenged and it is within us to love and find joy in facing the inner-demons created by our fear. The only proof of this is in living it. This is done through facing your fears from the empowered standpoint that the experience of them is a choice your are freely making.

Although we have created exciting and challenging experiences for ourselves, this is not to say that happiness is the necessary result of their resolution. Even though immense joy may be felt with the completion of a goal, this does not make joy a reward for achievement. Believing that joy is a reward for achievement is an extremely limiting idea in how it separates you from joy unless it is seen to be “deserved”).

Having joy as the basis for your life requires a joy-based focus in the present moment. This ability requires the deepest level of clarity as it is to not be in fear in the moment (as opposed to being calm after mental maneuvering done later).

To see your fears clearly is to see how you designed them to shape your mortal experience of self.

To enjoy the journey of your life is to become the self that every challenging experience, that you designed, is pointing you towards. To enjoy your life is to become a self that is no longer limited by its fears. To enjoy your life — including its challenges — is to live as you intended. Choosing your fears to face in this life was choosing the person you wanted to become.

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