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 An Empath Creates the
Reality of Another
Inside of their Self.

This is to love someone without
fear of what they are.

Empathy is a state of feeling — not a state of mental knowing. To empathize with someone is to experience them at a feeling level. This feeling comes from a far deeper place than just knowing a lot of mental information such that you can reliably answer questions about them or predict their behavior. Empathy is to know what it feels like to be another person.

Empathy is knowing through feeling — not knowing through the mental application of knowledge.

In seeking to be more empathetic you are not learning a mental skill, you are seeking to access the way in which your spirit perceives (your wider level of consciousness that is not contained by time-space). Empathy is not a skill that is mentally learnt; it is the state of having an open flowing heart that is not constrained by fear and wounding.

Empathy is often perceived to be a skill in how it is seen as a quality that can be improved upon if you study it; for example, learning how to be a better listener, how to view situations from different perspectives, and how not to project your own feelings onto others. These are all counseling skills which would certainly help anyone be more considerate, but none of them are necessarily demonstrations of emotional empathy.

NOTE: Although mental information often “occurs” to an empath from within their feeling experience (through inner senses / gnosis), this information is a periphery aspect of the feelings-based empathic experience. Being an empath and being awake to the wider nature of reality are the same thing. You cannot have one without the other.

All feeling is empathetic. There is no difference between saying, “I am feeling” and “I am feeling empathetic.” This applies even when you are feeling your own feelings.

All feeling is empathetic *of something*.

ELABORATION: What you call your own feelings are still an experience of empathy. This is because you are not only your embodied self; you are eternal-consciousness experiencing an embodied self. Therefore, your own feelings are your spirit empathizing with your human self. This is the realization that just as you may — through empathy — experience the feeling of another person, so too are you a state of empathy held within the perception of eternal-consciousness.

To say empathy is feeling is to say that empathy is love. This is why it cannot be taught as a mental skill. Your ability to empathize is your ability to freely feel your own emotions. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t be empathetic of others.

All feeling that is free of fear is love.

Just as you cannot mentally be taught to love, so you cannot learn to be empathetic. To come to a space of love and empathy is to resolve your fear. To be without fear is to be brave enough to know yourself as you are (as opposed to knowing yourself as who you would like to be). To “know thyself” is to directly experience your intention for this life, and that is to see all you came to be in this life — a feeling so magnificent that we fear meeting it as truth.

Empathy is not a feeling you generate; it is the inherent state of feeling that arises when you perceive something without fear or judgment. To not empathize with someone is to separate from your feeling of them through your own mental judgment of what you perceive them to be.

The Big Realization.
The mental and emotional leap I am pointing to here is the realization that you are your eternal-spirit empathizing with your human form AND just as your spirit can empathize with your human form, it can also empathize with another human form — such that you can know what it feels like to be them.

To empathize with another, you must love that person as your spirit loves you. This is to love them without fear of what they are. This is unconditional love. To be an empath is to exercise your full power of reality creation. This is why to truly empathize with someone is to know what it feels like to actually be them.

To empathize is to temporarily create the reality of another within your own being.

ELABORATION: To empathize is to travel back into the unified, infinite state of consciousness through the temporary undoing of the choice that led to you and to choose to be that which you wish to empathize with (such that you experience your unity / connection with them).

As an empath you can experience the beingness of others from within your own experience of self. The journey of the empath is therefore one of coming to trust in yourself to leave what you know yourself to be, in order to experience the beingness of another. What you will discover on this path is your own fears, as they will tell you not to leave your feeling of self because of how it could lead to uncontrolled (and therefore scary) experiences.

The fear of leaving your experience of self to experience another is our primal fear of death. To die is to leave what you have known yourself to be.

As you come to trust in yourself and your ability to not only transform your reality, but also the expression of yourself within it, then you will be able to experience anything from within its own being as reflected through your fluidity of self. In the moment of doing this you will directly experience the paradox of being yourself and yet, being able to be all things. There is nothing you cannot be.

There is no experience of being / self that is denied to you by anything other than yourself. You are free. You are free to be anything. You are free to feel anything. You are free in your exploration of love. To realize you can be anything is to start to realize the wider nature of your beingness that exists beyond the mortal, embodied self with which you are currently identified.

The more deeply you allow yourself to empathize with others, the more you come to realize that just as you can be anything, it is also true to say that there is no one particular thing that can be said to be you. It is to know that you are no particular thing, and yet, you possess the potential to be anything. This is to know yourself as being that which chooses from a point of infinite choice.

Beyond living the experience of your choices is the experience of yourself as the creator of those choices. Travel into the heart of your awareness and allow yourself to consciously experience the point of choice — the state of existence from which you choose. Know the level of consciousness that creates your embodied choices in order to know the infinite nature of your eternal-consciousness. You are that which chooses from within your own choice to be.

  • Love is the answer.

  • It does not matter what you choose to love.

  • To love anything completely is to be it and that is to know it as an equal expression of infinite consciousness.

  • To love anything completely is to love everything completely, for it is to know all is made of the love that you are — and that is the love that the one eternal-consciousness has for you.

  • You are eternal-consciousness loving yourself.

  • To empathize is to love.

You are an empath. Love yourself to experience your connection with everything.

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