The One And The Many

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The one self (which could also be called the one consciousness) refers to the unified state of all consciousness. It is everything in existence. Whatever can be imagined, perceived, or conceived, is the one self. All states of consciousness—the many individuals and combinations of collective that they form—are the one self in a state of partial-consciousness.

Individuals are not fragments of the one self. While in human form, the one self is still the one self; it is just that it is partially-conscious of all that it is. Even though a particular perspective / individual may be unconscious, it is still a part of the self (in the same way that a suppressed memory is). Although this means that a part of what you are is unknown to you in human form, that level of unconsciousness is not negative in any way because you are the one that chose to make it unconscious. You cannot therefore be said to be less than the one self because all human unconsciousness is a choice made by the one self (for itself to experience).

Your life is the will of the unified-state of all consciousness to experience itself in a state of partial-consciousness. You are the infinite choosing to be finite. You are the immortal choosing to experience mortality. You are everything that the one self is, having defined yourself into something focused and particular. You are the intention of all consciousness to experience your consciousness—(exactly as it is in each moment).

In becoming human, the one self is not setting itself a goal. There is no task to become something, because the one self is free to be anything. The intention behind your life is to experience the perspective that you intrinsically are (including the free will choices that unfold from it). The entire journey of a life that this unfolds is the intention for the life.

All experience is intended and manifests as intended. There is no goal to achieve a particular outcome through making “the right” choices. Life is not a test. Every being is an intention to experience what they are, not to become something they are not. You are here to experience a unique reflection of the one self in an individuated form and you are successfully doing this.

The one self refers to the self that arises from the totality of all consciousness in existence. All existence occurs within its perception. Human existence is the navigation of an individuated focus through the totality of its perception. 

ROSETTA STONE: The One Self = All Consciousness = All Definitions = All That Is = Everything in Existence = the Tao = Source = God*

*God is everything. God includes every concept of God. There is no opposite to God. God is not less than God when it chooses to experience itself as a human.

Example: To say, “I Am the one self” is to say that you know yourself to be that which is everything in existence. It is to know that every person can say, “I am the one self.” To know this is to step outside of the personalization and possessiveness of individuality.

The one self is the unified state of all consciousness.

There is nothing that is not the one self.

All individuals are a complete expression of the one self within a state of partial consciousness.

With all individuality being the perceptual projections of the one self, all individuals are equal.

Life is not a test. The intention behind your life is fulfilled through your existence.

Every individual is a unique perception OF the one self BY the one self.

All individuals are reflections of the one self and are therefore each reflections of each other.

Story Waters