Conceiving Unending Potential

Arc 1 - Text 8

If the one self is white light and the lens of diversity is ‘as a prism’, then the infinite matrix of probabilities that we exist within is the conception of the rainbow of diversity that is revealed. In this, see how a prism does not create a spectrum of colors out of nothing—it only reveals the infinite hues that were already existing within the white light.

The presence of diversity in the one self does not change what it is, as the lens of diversity only reveals what is already present. However, for the one self to consciously perceive its own diversity is to evolve its understanding of itself through reflection. This is done by looking into the lens and perceptually entering a selective focus on this infinite matrix.

There is no end to how far you can travel into the lens of diversity. To be within the infinite matrix of potential it creates is to be in an ever-unfolding evolution of your own experience. It is a focus that will always draw you forward into an unfolding extension of the present moment—“the Now”—through the creation of the perceptual illusion of time. We create time to be a meaningful experience.

This unending potential can also be imagined as the potential existent within a block of marble before a sculptor carves it. Every possible sculpture that could ever be sculpted is simultaneously present within the block of marble. A sculptor is a person who removes a part of the marble to reveal their creative vision. This act of carving away the stone is analogous to the application of perceptual blindness (unconsciousness) to the full spectrum experience of the one self in order to create the illusion of a uniquely defined / focused individual (the definition of a sculpture).

Even though it appears you are creating the solid, outward reality before you, every individuated being is in fact as a perceptual sculptor of the one self. We are each the one self looking at the same uncarved block of marble (infinite potential / the infinite matrix), perceptively fantasizing (dreaming) whatever we desire as a reality we can experience.

We are each expressions of the creative force behind diversity, selectively focusing upon the infinite matrix of probability that our intention to experience individuality brought into being.

Infinity is not a definition of quantity. It is the concept of something without end or limit—something with unending potential that will always reveal new detail the more you focus upon it. For example, with perception capable of seeing it, you could perceive infinite hues within a rainbow.

The one self becoming diversified created a perceptual illusion that revealed infinite dimensions of detail within what already exists / within itself. The infinite matrix is a conceptualization of the complete array of unending potential experiences that came into being when the one self conceived of the perceptual lens of diversity. As such, it represents the collective potential of all diversity. The infinite matrix contains infinite unique reflections of the one self. Being uniquely differentiated, these reflections can be focused upon individually or in combination, creating an unending potential for experience.

Although the infinite matrix is not a literal structure, it can be helpful to picture it as a gigantic multi-dimensional web that contains every single possible version of every possible experience, and then to imagine yourself as an individuated point of consciousness—or focus—navigating this infinite landscape of potential experiences of self. In each moment we choose from an ocean of potentials—often visualized as a radiant array of timelines—each offering evermore unique tastes of what it is to be the one self.

We are each a self-evolving selective-focus of the one self upon itself, perceived through the lens of diversity.

In focusing upon the unique experiences reflected through diversity, the one self enters an unending potential for experience. All have equal access to this unending potential.

The lens of diversity has birthed us into an infinite collective experience. As a collective we exist in relation to each other across this diversity of potentials.

Story Waters