Arc 1 Summary

The Relationship between the One and the Many.

In the first arc we have explored how there is only one consciousness in existence and how existence is a perceptual projection of this consciousness through which it is exploring itself. This is to understand how the One relates to the Many through a process of internal diversification, and how the Many can then explore being individuated (separate) through the use of a repulsive force such as fear.

The primary conclusions of this are:

  1. Your outer reality is a perceptual projection that you are generating with intention. We designed it as a tool for self-expression and self-exploration.

  2. Humanity is a collective consciousness where the individuals that comprise it are unaware of their connection. Even though it is usually not experienced, this shared collective level of bridging consciousness (which is often called enlightenment) is available to be experienced within every human being.

  3. A staircase of self exists between the extreme human depth of individuality and the complete experience of the human collective consciousness—the bridging consciousness. You are free to leave the depth of separation that you currently experience such that you explore this staircase through which you will meet more expansive experiences of self that draw from the wider pool of perception that is available. This wider experience of self does not destroy your sense of individuality, it just makes you aware that our depth of individuality is a quality of life that is chosen.


The second arc describes the evolutionary process through which we have to come to our current experience. It explores:

  • What the human experience is.

  • How and why we created it.

  • Why (despite its clear challenges, pains, and frustrations) we are choosing to have this experience.

  • Our movement towards the next phase of existence.

  • The circular nature of reality.

Story Waters